The Osiris Report

By Qesankh Maa Kheperu

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For hundreds of years, we have all been lied to about our existence and the nature of reality. We have been told that we are separate from the universe, the planet, and every other living creature. The truth about your very existence and power has been hidden and, in most cases, altered by a small group of ruling elite who control the planet. They have censored your reality, created religions to limit your unlimited power, and instituted advanced mind-control techniques to keep this truth from you.


But why? It’s because there is a big secret that they don’t want you to know. This secret is so dangerous that it could literally change the world. Those who have tried to put this information out to the public have been attacked, discredited, and ostracized. Many enlightened teachers have been forced underground. However, the truth is being resurrected. Ancient Egyptian scrolls have given us the secret. Now this power is available to those few who are willing to take the plunge down the rabbit hole.   


What is this all about? There is something going on in our world that we cannot see—something profound! And millions of people are now realizing that the very reality we think is there may, in fact, not exist at all.


Many are finding that their memories of events have been altered and their experiences in this space-time continuum as we know it have dramatically changed. Once more, they are discovering that someone or something is trying to communicate with them through signs and symbols. These extraordinary events may in fact be a natural part of our reality. Or there may be something manipulating and controlling the events…


So what is happening? What is the truth of our existence and reality? In the Osiris Report, author Qesankh Maa Kheperu details the shocking truth for the first time. You will not only be awakened to an evil, secret agenda, but more importantly, you will also learn specific steps to turn events around by accessing your ultimate power!           


In this report, you’ll discover many secrets:


·      How our memories of the past are being altered and our minds hacked to give us false memories. These false memories then become new present and future situations, thus changing your destiny.  


·      How we don’t all live in the same linear reality, and how each of us actually lives in different points in time and space.  


·      How there is a force trying to communicate and help us liberate our minds—and how you can communicate with this intelligence and access its power.


·      How there is a secret, select group on the planet who have cures for every disease and live in a technologically advanced society that would make Star Trek look like kindergarten.


·      How time travel is not science fiction but is actually being experienced by many individuals—and why this is possible.


·      How your friends and family members may not be the same people you grew up with but may be entirely different people, replaced by different versions of themselves.


·      And much more…



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